The surge in the number of online job markets has made it easier to run a business so long as you have the right ideas and financial resources. Outsourcing labor has come to stay as it is preferred by budding entrepreneurs to help compete with the bigger firms. Not only is this trend favorable to businesses, talented freelancers can now showcase their skills, abilities and services – even from remote locations of the world. The convenience that the internet provides for both the buyers and sellers of goods and services enables online marketplaces to act as a go-between for job outsourcing.

The sites listed below makes up some of the best online platform to meet freelancers and their services. They have been proven to be reliable and safe for individuals and businesses to conduct outsourcing. These sites provide solutions to a range of services needs ranging from creative writing to software development. The freelancers’ processes of selection are thorough and each profile is verified to ensure that you end up hiring some of the best people for the job.  It is very easy to become overwhelmed by the thousands of profiles available so it is pertinent that you be thorough in your search and selection.

  1. 99DESIGNS

99Designs is regarded as the online capital of logo and graphic designs. One of the unique features of 99Designs is the ‘contest’ feature which allows prospective buyers to organize contests for the best design. This leaves the buyer with tons of options to choose from. To get the more experienced designers to participate, it is advised that you raise the prize money of the contest. You could also decide to contact designers individually without setting up a contest. Whether it is book covers, posters, banners or album art, 99Designs takes care of it.


Fiverr remains one of the best marketplaces for ‘creative professional services’. You could get a job for as low as $5; hence the name ‘Fiverr’. Fiverr is the perfect answer to folks looking for quality services at a low cost. Do not let the prices fool you; some of the world’s best professionals are on Fiverr.

  1. Freelancer

With more than 17 million users in over 240 countries, Freelancer is arguably the largest online digital marketplace in the world. It has been around for over 15 years, establishing itself as one of the leading platforms in the outsourcing industry. No matter what your digital needs might be, you will always get the chance to be connected the right professional on Freelancer.

  1. Guru

Guru is relatively new to the game but has employed aggressive marketing to establish a 2 million member-strong base. We expect the numbers to keep growing due to the unique services they offer but it is advised that you first check out their public work database and the freelancers’ portfolios before deciding on which freelancer you will hire.

  1. UpWork

We used to know it as oDesk; UpWork remains one of the popular freelance market platforms on the internet. The services offered here are diverse – from creative writing to website building. One unique practise of UpWork is the individual verification of every freelancer on the site by its administrators. This is supposed to ease the stress of hiring for potential customers and connect you to some of the top professionals available.

  1. Toptal

Toptal is strictly a tech outsourcing platform for hiring web designers, designers, code writers, app developers and more. For the right fee, you are guaranteed premium quality services from some of the best professionals you will ever meet

  1. Zirtual

Looking for a virtual assistant? Zirtual takes care of that for you! You’d be able to hire an assistant who will take care of your tasks like scheduling appointments, booking flights, making payment and even doing your shopping. Zirtual understands that time is a valuable resource you cannot afford to lose, so they’ve got everything necessary on group to link you up to enthusiastic virtual assistants.

  1. Clarity

Clarity is one of the best online marketplaces to get business advices. Be it marketing, start-ups, international prospecting, fund raising, budgeting, social media management and even business ideas, Clarity boasts of a galaxy of freelancers who will offer expert advices that can take your business to the next level.  You are free to browse through their categories and select a preferred freelance to receive business advice for a reasonable fee.

  1. Aquent

Aquent specializes in linking you to creative marketing and digital professionals around the globe. These professionals are freelancers willing to work on-site or from remote locations. Think of Aquent as a staffing agency (in essence, that is what they are) because most of the professionals you get to hire are trained by them.

  1. Peer Hustle

Hailed as ‘the Uber of the freelance marketplace’, Peer Hustle provides an ingenious solution for hiring freelancers within a locale. Using its app, it is very easy to hire a freelance located within your physical location. The use of geolocation implies that only professionals within the same location will compete and bid for the same job. This provides immense advantages for business owners outsourcing for location-sensitive services inspection and local research. Peer Hustle also uses an escrow system of payment which ensures that a freelancer gets paid only when a job is completed.