How to Pick right counselors and partners, and avoid the wrong ones


The benefits of seeking counsel and effective partnering are so enormous, and the consequences of choosing the wrong counselors and partners can be so destructive, that it is critical that we week the right counselors and partners for any important suit in our lives. Here are number of recommendations on how to do so:

Examine Their “Walk” before you listen to their “talk”. In the area for which they are providing you counsel, what do their lives tell you? For example, why would anyone seek marriage counsel from a therapist who has not succeeded in achieving a happy marriage himself? As basic as this concepts is, millions of people follow the counsel of those who have failed miserably in their own business or marriages. Do your due diligence. Its YOUR life they may be messing with.

Assess your own strengths and weaknesses. What you usually don’t need is a partner who is a carbon copy of yourself.

Identify the talents, abilities and strengths that you need in a partner or counselor to compensate for the area of weaknesses, inabilities, and lack of know-how.

Who shares the same vision you have for your dreams, goals, project or venture. Your Partner not only needs to see it, he needs to identify with it and be captivated by it.

Totally committed, In Business situations, look for a partner who is willing to be totally committed to your vision of achieving success. If you are totally committed and your partner is not, I can promise you that the partnership won’t last long, Look at how he has performed in other situations. Are his commitments short-lived or faithful until the end?

Is your potential partner a positive person or not? People who are generally negatives tend to be very poor partners. A partner does not have to be as positive or as optimistic as you, but if he is quick to tear down others or find the negative in situations, he is likely to jump ship when the going gets tough, or worse, steer the ship in the wrong direction.

Look at your potential partner’s natural drives and gifts. Is he or she a talker or a doer? How do you know? Look a what they have personally done, not just what they have had others do.


Whatever degree of success you achieve in your personal or professional life, rest assured that seeking counsel and effectively partnering will increase your success exponentially. I would rather go through a dozen bad partners to find one great partner than not have a partner at all.