Impressions of The Rich Jerk eBook


By now, if you haven’t heard of “The Rich Jerk”, you’ve either been living in a cave for the past year, or you are extremely new to earning a living online. This guy is everywhere. His offensive approach is enough to repel most, and his website is like a chapter out of “Nightmare on Internet Marketers Street”. But you have to admit one thing; this guy knows exactly what he’s doing!

Ok, before you even say it, I know what you’re thinking… “Great! Another favorable review of The Rich Jerk. Probably another one of his employees.” Well, you’re only partly right. Overall, I think this guy’s shtick is pretty slick, and after reading his eBook, I can honestly say that I’ve benefited from it. However, I am not one of his employees, and unlike some, I’m not going to say I’m making millions now because of his eBook. What I am going to do is give you an honest overview of his eBook in everyday terms and let you decide whether or not it’s worth your time and money to look into it further.

Ok, before we get started, let’s get something straight. I hate reading long-winded articles about questionable subjects, and I figure the same is true for you. So, if you’re looking for an article with a lot of “fluff” and fictitious evidence, look elsewhere. What you’re going to get from me is a short and sweet overview, as an honest business man, of “I’m Better Than You – The Rich Jerk’s Guide to Making Money Online”

<strong>Initial Impressions – The Website</strong>
Like I said before, this guy’s site is a nightmare! It’s stuffed full of so many marketing tricks and terms that I thought I stumbled across the holy grail of all Internet Marketing sites. Like the thousands of other “Get Rich Quick” sites out there, this site just reeks of marketing crap. There’s only one twist to this site that kept me reading. This guy’s copy is absolutely insulting! I couldn’t help but read it. It’s hilarious! I don’t know if this guy has studied reverse psychology or not, but he sure is good at it.

<strong>Initial Impressions – The eBook</strong>
After reading over this guy’s site a couple times, I was pretty well convinced that his product was going to be yet another waste of time and energy, but I figured that if I read the eBook and could write an informative article exposing this guy, the traffic it would generate for me would more than compensate me for the fifty bucks it took to get the book.

I’ll spare you the fifty cent overview of the appearance of the book and just tell you this.. It’s done right. The look, the layout, and even the security are top notch. This guy wants to make sure that you get the right impression and that you cannot easily replicate his work.

I was quite amazed at how short this book is. There are nine chapters totaling sixty pages. Even for someone like me who doesn’t like to read a lot, this was a very manageable chunk of data. The following is a list of the chapters contained in the book.

Chapter 1 – Creating an Affiliate Website that Sells like Crazy
Chapter 2 – Unique Search Engine PPC Strategies that Kill the Competition
Chapter 3 – Search Engine Optimization Strategies (SEO)
Chapter 4 – Selling Your Own Informational Product
Chapter 5 – Buying Wholesale and Selling on eBay
Chapter 6 – Websites you can Make Profitable Right Now
Chapter 7 – Other Online Ventures to Consider
Chapter 8 – Supplemental Info for Beginners
Chapter 9 – Quality Products/Services I Highly Recommend

As you can see, yet more marketing jargon stuffed into the titles of the chapters. I started to roll my eyes and kick myself for wasting my time, but instead, I decided to read on. I’m glad I did.

I’m not going to waste my time and yours going into excruciating detail about every chapter. I’m not a professional book reviewer. Quite frankly, I’m barely good enough at English to write this article. However, I will give you my overall impressions.

This guy either has a split personality, or is exceptionally good at putting on the “Jerk” face on his website. What I found in his book what completely different. It was almost like he forgot to be a jerk and just got straight down to business.

Like many “informational products”, this book has a lot of common sense information in it. I’d estimate that at least half of the book is composed of information you can freely find elsewhere, if you feel like investing the time. The other half of the information presented is new information to me, but it may not be so to a well seasoned marketer. I’m a web designer, not a marketer, so I cannot say for sure. I will say that the way the information is presented in this book definitely piqued my interest and made more than a few light bulbs go off in my head.

It’s not so much that he was presenting anything to me that was all that earth shattering. It’s more of a case of him presenting it in a different way. A way my brain understands and could process effectively. Unlike his site and the chapter index, the book actually had less marketing buzzwords and more everyday language wisdom. He clearly and concisely outlined exactly the steps you would need to take to achieve xyz results. To be completely honest, if you follow the steps to the letter, I don’t see how you could not make some money. I wouldn’t say you would end up rich, but you definitely could make some extra pocket cash.

The thing that surprised me the most about this eBook is that, while it still heavily focused on Internet Marketing, it contains so much useful information on SEO and starting a legitimate online business. This guy even provides you with a ton of resources, including contact information for wholesale outlets! Whether you’re interested in Internet Marketing or not, you might be surprised at what you will find in this book. This guy even taught me a couple tricks about SEO, a service I provide professionally!

Bottom line, if you’ve got the time on your hands and you’re really short on cash, you might want to spend your time on Google researching marketing. Most likely, you’ll eventually run across the vast majority of the techniques this guy teaches in his book. Likewise, if you’re a seasoned pro, this book might not be a good investment for you as you might only learn a couple new tricks. However, if you’ve got fifty bucks to spare, or if you are short on time and want to launch your online business quickly, then I personally believe this eBook is worth the money.

I started employing just a couple of the “white hat” tactics outlined in this eBook a couple days ago, and have tried to remain consistent with them. In less than a week, the traffic coming to this site has more than doubled. Given that I’m not selling anything (yet), I’m certainly not raking in the cash. But, I figured, if I’m going to test out this guy’s methods, I might as well try it out on a tough market and see how it works. Go ahead, check my Alexa rankings, this guy’s tips work.

On a final note… I’m not going to feed you some line of bull. If you are serious about making money online legitimately, there is work involved. I don’t think The Rich Jerk would dispute this fact. To see the gains I’ve seen just in a few days, I had to invest a little bit of my time. However, the time I invested in order to achieve those results is far less than what I had invested before to get less traffic. Essentially, by following The Rich Jerk’s tips, I’ve reduced the amount of time it takes to market my site, while increasing the effectiveness of my efforts. For me, that’s well worth the fifty bucks.

You’ve got my opinion, for what it’s worth. Take it or leave it, it’s up to you. I know I’ll be making more money in 2006.