Do you want to hire a freelancer? But it is very important you don’t hire someone who’s going to make a total mess of your project. Here are some tips on hiring the right freelancer for your project so you’re not left disappointed when it’s time to deliver.


This should be the first thing you have to consider when setting out to hire a freelancer. Be it online or offline, knowing exactly where to look is an essential prerequisite for outsourcing the right freelancer. You cannot go to a copyrighting services agency to enquire about a graphic designer or visit an online job portal for programmers in search of a content marketer. Knowing where to look is the first step and the first step is very important.


A majority of the bad experiences reported in hiring a freelancer stems from the misunderstanding, misrepresentation or misinterpretation of the hirer’s request. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you articulate your request, clearly outlining and describing your objectives for easy understanding by the freelancer in order to avoid unsatisfactory results.

For an example, I might request for ‘a drawing of a cup’. Fine. But wouldn’t it be better if I am more specific? (‘I need a drawing of a LARGE, RED, HANDLELESS cup’). You will agree with me that the result from these two request would be remarkably different.


The cardinal rule in hiring freelancers is this: If it is too cheap, run away! Many business owners end up hiring different freelancers to redo a particular job because the previous hire who had offered to do it for a dirt cheap price messed up. It is understandable that you would need to manage your resources well and capitalize on an opportunity when it presents itself but you also need to heed to the warning bells that rings in your head when you encounter an incredulous offer from a freelancer.

I encourage you to scour for bargain deals but hey! Be careful!


References reveal a lot about a prospective freelancer especially on sensitive projects that requires confidentiality and prompt delivery. It answers questions like; Is he/she time-conscious? Can he/she be trusted? Has he/she done similar works in the past? What is his/her work ethic like?

On online platform where it is difficult to get references, I would advise you to take time to read and go through the reviews and feedbacks written about the freelancer. The positive reviews will reveal his strengths and abilities while the negative reviews will tell you a lot about his weaknesses and how he tries to address it. (A few negative reviews is not an excuse not to hire someone for a job. It is very possible that he/she have learnt from such an experience and bettered his/her craft. This will benefit you a lot. But many negative reviews and feedbacks are danger signs – you must exercise caution in hiring such a freelancer. On the other hand, a freelancer with a thousand 5 star reviews and no single lower star review is also a danger sign. Even a robot can’t be that perfect.


Most rookies possess no sort of reference or reviews but that does not in any way imply that they have nothing to offer. Experience has shown that these new guys sometimes exceed expectations and at a cheaper price. There is a positive desperation in a rookie freelancer to showcase his skills and prove everybody wrong. There is absolutely wrong in you trying to take advantage of that since it will benefit both parties; you will go home happy and he will pocket his pay PLUS a recommendation from you he desperately needs.

To be on the safer side, I’d advise that you give small tests (that relates to the task you need done) to such newcomers to enable you gauge their abilities and strengths.